From Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer logoI haven’t used WLW for a while, but have always enjoyed the ability to create or edit a post while offline.

Not all locations where I have my numerous coffees have wi fi, as hard to believe as it may be. This is where WLW for Windows, or MarsEdit for Mac, come in handy.

Although Microsoft has not kept WLW updated in the last few years, the latest 2012 version seems to still work well on Win 7 and 8.1. MarsEdit just had a recent update, so you do get support with what you pay for.

Both are highly recommended for those who like to, or have to, work offline.

Mom’s 100th Birthday

Mom Eileen LyleYes, a tad late getting this up, but better late than never.

This photo is of mom Agnes, my sister Eileen and me at my mother’s 100th birthday bash at The Peninsula Residence in beautiful Sidney by the Sea in British Columbia, Canada.

Wow! 100 years!

Imagine the changes she has witnessed in her lifetime growing up on a homestead in rural Saskatchewan out in the middle of absolutely nowhere:

When she was born, in 1913:

  • Orville and Wilbur had just done their thing 10 years earlier
  • no cell phones
  • no computers nor internet
  • no electricity
  • no running water
  • no indoor “amenities” (it was referred to as the outhouse)
  • seven miles, one way, in a horse-drawn “caboose” to go to Christmas Midnight Mass in the closest town, Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan

And you think that you’re having a “hard time”. Get over it.


Yet another rebuild

The last iteration of this site was skinned with a theme created in version 4.1 of Artisteer. It was fine at the time,  but ever since I got into the Genesis Framework from Studiopress coupled with Dynamik Website Builder from Cobalt Apps, I have been itching to rebuild it using this fantastic combination.

studiopress_logo genesis_logoDynamik-Theme
What you see here now is a result of approximately an afternoon’s work. Along with many cups of coffee.

I won’t go into all the details of the process in this post; will save that for a future entry.

Additionally, as part of the change, the posts that had graced the homepage of the site ever since converting to WordPress from Joomla! back in 2010 have been “un-stickied”. They will now be in the order in which they were created.

My early birthday present

At our weekly jam last Tuesday night, I got to play the last two songs on our set list (Jenny Jenny <867-5309> and Rocking In The Free World) with a version of this guitar. I was hooked! The feel, the tone. That’s it … I “need” one 🙂 So off to Long & McQuade I went the following Thursday after work and done did get me one. Now all I have to do is learn how to play it! 🙂 But that’s inconsequential.


This is an Epiphone ES 335 Dot in the cherry finish. Guess I’ll now have to learn Neil Diamond’s “Cherry Cherry” ! 🙂


C-FWZZ officially re-launched


My site devoted to C-FWZZ, the Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-23-250-C “Aztec” that I was in care and control of for over 16 years, has just today been officially re-launched and is running on WordPress 3.2.1. Initially created in June of 2005 while I was in Quebec City, Quebec and in of all things, Microsoft FrontPage, it went through a few iterations over the years.
From the FrontPage version, I migrated it to a proper HTML/CSS site using Dreamweaver; then to Joomla!. And from Joomla! it went to Drupal and now it has found it’s home with WordPress. Check out my blog on for the lo down and rationale.

First solo cross country

<YYC – TH-FH – WED 28 JUL 2010 – 1. – 0121>

03 April 1972 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: First Solo Cross Country!

Piper Cherokee 140 – PA-28-140, CF-YTY: YXE – YQW – YPA – YXE; 3:05 WOW! Freedom!

pa28140-1panel-768x584First solo cross country flight! I remember following along the north shore of the North Saskatchewan river, on the first leg of the two full stop journey, en-route from Saskatoon to North Battleford, looking down at the patches of snow that were persisting in the fields and the ice yet on the river and thinking, man, what in the heck am I doing here! Flying and airplane! Alone! Not even 17 years old! Am I crazy?! But what a complete and total sense of freedom; and now, in three dimensions.

I don’t recall a lot about the rest of it; isn’t that something; mind you, it had been almost 40 years; yes, I had to go into the Ministry of Transport (now Transport Canada) Air Radio Station (now Flight Services) and get my logbook signed by the on-duty operator; but the details of the other two legs, North Battleford to Prince Albert and from there back to Saskatoon, elude me; can’t even recollect the landings; guess I was too busy taking it all in.

<0130 – 215>