Conversion from Joomla! to WordPress complete

That was easy

WP is now 100% WordPress. The conversion was a purely manual effort as I couldn’t use the Joomla To WordPress Migrator plugins because the databases were not on the same server. I have successfully used this plugin on local installations and it works like a charm. In reality though, in this case, it wouldn’t have done a lot of good anyway for the following reasons:

  • I ended up reworking a lot of the content as it was high time to do so
  • most of the conversion had to do with “add-ons”
  • had to do comments manually anyway
  • I needed the WordPress practice

This is the third site I have put up using WordPress 3.0 and I have to admit that I am a bona fide convert from Joomla! There are way too many things to list in this post that makes me feel this way and I shall do so in a subsequent one.

Joomla LogoThere remain many things for me to learn about WordPress as I have only had a cursory look in the past. My tool of choice for the last 2.5 years has been Joomla! with the odd dabbling in Drupal (which I also like quite a lot). However, from now on, WordPress has taken over that top spot on my web site building tool belt.

Artisteer LogoOne thing else that I will briefly touch on here, and will expand on in detail later, is that this site is using a theme that I generated with an alpha release of Artisteer. This is a testing version of their WordPress 3.0 support and I have to say that I am very impressed. More on this in a future post.