My usual note-taking formatting

<YYC – House – MON 26 JUL 2010 – 1. – 2059>

One thing that has been bugging me about doing this thing online is whether or not to replicate the formatting that I use for my offline versions, be it paper or digital. The practice comes from back in the day when I was really into writing Object Pascal code, better known at the time as Borland’s Delphi. Paper or computer, I would end my statement with a semi colon; like that; like this; I don’t know why I started doing that, but it has carried forward all these years and now, when the time has come to actually put this up for public consumption, I debate if I should carry on with this method.

After giving this an extended review last night at my TH-FH session (yeah, look that up so you know what that means) I decided to go with the way I have been doing so; with the semi colons; why, you may ask; because, this is my blog, my “novel”, my “so called life” and what I say goes; how about that; sounds good to me; in the infamous words of a certain Star Trek character, “make it so”; later;

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