Digital Artwork

Pixels with CorelDRAW


This is “Noah”. Created in CorelDraw by tracing a scanned sketch I had made.  Follow along for the process …

Noah sketch

I love to doodle. Especially when I am on the phone. So it was one night when talking with my mother. For some reason, I seem to always start with the flight deck windows and go from there.

If you look closely at the upper right side of the image, you can see the edge of the paper. Hmm … this just isn’t going to fit! Oh well, just carry on with a cartoon-ish version. ‘Noah’ is born!

Noah outlineThat sketch was laying around on my desk when I was thinking about doing some more experimentation with CorelDRAW’s ‘Mesh Fill’ tool.

Hey, this will work just fine for that!

Scanned it, brought it into CorelDRAW X3, put it on a separate layer and then used the pen tool to create the outlines using the underlying scanned image as a guide.

Then started messing around with the mesh fills on the wings, horizontal stab and engine nacelles.

Air 101

Added the rest of the detail and some colour, but was still lacking something. A smile! 🙂


The more I looked at it, the more I thought about how this could perfectly fit in with the ‘Do Tell’ theme. All that would be required is to change the colours … and add some lips! 🙂

Here are two more created with the same method as Noah

  • doodle up a rough sketch
  • scan and import the sketch into CorelDraw
  • set the scanned sketch as the base layer and then use the pen tool to trace over it
  • complete the details with the other CorelDraw tools, notably the Mesh Fill tool
CJ - sketch

The rough doodle.


The finished product.

787 - sketch

The rough sketch.


The finished product.