Colours and where I have hung my hat

The choice of colours on the site is quite intentional. The blue is, of course, for the sky, where I would much rather be at any given moment as it is where I have spent over 1,200 hours flying as either pilot-in-command (the majority of which was in this fine aircraft – C-FWZZ – or during training. The yellow is for the mustard seed (and no, NOT the ministry, the actual grain!), which, for anyone who knows my background, is the very reason that I am here today. Thanks ever so much, Mom & Dad, for bringing me home from “the store” 🙂

The image above is my “office” at the Java U café at the corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve in Montreal.

I am not a hat person, although I do own a few. Therefore, these are a few places from over the years where the hats that I did have were hung.

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