They suck in the sun

<YYC – B3 – TUE 27 JUL 2010 – 1. – 1719>

Oh get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about the recent trend in laptop screen design; the glossy glass screen; and yes they do suck in the sun; I am outside right now at B3 and trying to work on a post or two; gorgeous day, just a slight breeze to keep the bugs away, but severe clear; the only thing that I can see well on the screen is my reflection; great if I want to pluck my eyebrows, but damn near impossible to see what I am tying, let alone the cursor; guess it’s time to invest in one of those anti-glare covers; or do what I have seen others do – put there jacket, hoody or t-shirt over their head and screen; crude but effective; they most definitely provide for an extremely readable display in low light or indoors, but outside in the sun, the title of this post holds true; later;

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Yet another first

Bow RiverThis post is coming to you from what I have named B3. For those of you who are not familiar with my note taking format, and that would be all of you as I have never shown nor described the process to anyone before, here is how it goes. Feel privileged 🙂

Whether in my digital version or on paper, I always time and date stamp the header of the entry, along with the location of where it was made. I have no idea when or why I started doing this other than for my own sake when trying to find something at a later date. This is the format that I generally attempt to remain consistent with:

  • City location and always the ICAO identifier if it has one. For example, Calgary, Alberta is YYC, Los Angeles, California is LAX
  • Location within the city or town, such as a coffee shop, at home or elsewhere. These are further shortened to as few characters as possible as I tend to go to the same places often. JU would be for Java U cafe in YUL (Montreal), TH-FH is the Tim Horton’s across from Foothills Hospital in YYC (Calgary). B3 is where the subject of this entry is being made, and that stands for Bench By the Bow. B3. The Bow being the Bow River that flows through YYC and is just across the street from my other favourite hang out here, Extreme Bean Café. Or EB for short.
  • Day and date in this format: SUN 25 JUL 2010
  • Page number as such: 1., 2. etc.
  • Local time in 24 hour format to the closest minute. 1955 is 7:55PM Mountain Standard Time (daylight savings)

Therefore a complete entry would be, for example this particular one, YYC – B3 – SUN 25 JUL 2010 – 1. – 2043. I will also make a note at the end of the entry or post with the time and word count (if it’s a digital post and the count is available). So there you have it. The start and end of all my notes. What comes in between is another matter and something that I hope you will find interesting or at least, mildly amusing.

By the way, this post was published to the site from B3. The signal from EB is that good.

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