Mom’s 100th Birthday

Yes, a tad late getting this up, but better late than never.

This photo is of mom Agnes, my sister Eileen and me at my mother’s 100th birthday bash at The Peninsula Residence in beautiful Sidney by the Sea in British Columbia, Canada.

Wow! 100 years!

Imagine the changes she has witnessed in her lifetime growing up on a homestead in rural Saskatchewan out in the middle of absolutely nowhere:

When she was born, in 1913:

  • Orville and Wilbur had just done their thing 10 years earlier
  • no cell phones
  • no computers nor internet

On the farm:

  • no running water
  • no indoor “amenities” (it was referred to as the outhouse)
  • seven miles, one way, in a horse-drawn “caboose” to go to Christmas Midnight Mass in the closest town, Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan