C-FWZZ officially re-launched


My site devoted to C-FWZZ, the Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-23-250-C “Aztec” that I was in care and control of for over 16 years, has just today been officially re-launched and is running on WordPress 3.2.1. Initially created in June of 2005 while I was in Quebec City, Quebec and in of all things, Microsoft FrontPage, it went through a few iterations over the years.
From the FrontPage version, I migrated it to a proper HTML/CSS site using Dreamweaver; then to Joomla!. And from Joomla! it went to Drupal and now it has found it’s home with WordPress. Check out my blog on GoodCheapFastWebSites.com for the lo down and rationale.

Third platform for LyleChamney.com

“They” say the third time is the charm and in this case, I do believe that saying is correct.

The first iteration of LyleChamney.comĀ  was created using Dreamweaver. I went through many versions but ended up never really getting it complete. Then Joomla! came along and the next version was built with that. Within the Joomla! version, I virtually rebuilt the content using the K2 extension from Joomlaworks.gr. And that is what it has been until now. What you see here is WordPress 3.0 and I have a hunch that it will be on this fine platform for quite some time.