Former Joomla! – K2 site home page

Site re-build – first stage completed has now been converted from my web and graphics design site to a personal site that will showcase some of my manual and digital artwork, among other things.

The web and graphics design, now including custom templates and themes for Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, HTML and DotNetNuke using Artisteer, along with tips and getting started guides for Joomla!, are now available at

First go-around with the K2 extension from Joomlaworks has been successful. This is a very powerful and complex addition to the Joomla! developer’s arsenal and I have here only touched the surface of it’s remarkable capabilities. As I get more familiar with it, I will be extending the functionality of it on this site and reporting about what I have done in my Blog.

Additionally, the Joomla! template that is in use on this site was created with Artisteer and slightly modified from it’s native build. The tweaks that were made on it will be documented both here and on shortly. As well, a few adjustments were made to the standard K2 stylesheet; these will be covered too.

Third platform for

“They” say the third time is the charm and in this case, I do believe that saying is correct.

The first iteration of LyleChamney.comĀ  was created using Dreamweaver. I went through many versions but ended up never really getting it complete. Then Joomla! came along and the next version was built with that. Within the Joomla! version, I virtually rebuilt the content using the K2 extension from And that is what it has been until now. What you see here is WordPress 3.0 and I have a hunch that it will be on this fine platform for quite some time.